Reactor software?

We’re looking around for the Reactor software. It is part of the animation package, correct?

We don’t see any boxes or manuals with Reactor. Is it on one of the CDs or in that “web software” box with the whole bunch of ads and CDs? Just need some help to know what to look for.


For us it came in a seperate envelope and I believe the manual and what not are on the cd or something. What exactly does Reactor do anyway?

It should be in there somewhere, though you can also just install it using the 3dsmax 4.2 CD, you don’t need the reactor CD.

I don’t understand. Are you saying the Reactor plugin is on the 3ds Max CD?

Reactor does physics modelling. Collisions, fluid dynamics, stuff like that. We were just taking an inventory of the software yesterday, and this package appeared to be missing.

Hehe, we actually got around to installing the software. We found Reactor on the CD. Thanks for your help, guys! :slight_smile: