How do you change the time it makes keys for animations for?

You mean extend beyond 100 frames?
Click here
then here
Open up all the roll outs and you should see a time setting that is 100. Change that to whatever frame you want it to end on.


No problem. Anything else I could help you with?


I have a question. I know most of the reactors and how to use them but the toy car. What is it?

Whoops!! that was me above there Im on a friends computer.

For rigging a car

You can designate objects as wheels and chassis, assigning the objects chosen as wheels a certain angular acceleration I believe. The result, in a reactor simulation, is a moving car.

kk, It seems this toy car would be difficult to rig up right. Ill try later tonight.
anybody know about the damper? I know from the name its suppose to cushion something but how do you rig that up and what scenario would you use it in?

as in the 3ds max object that you make from the create panel? I believe that was an obsolete dynamics objects for the old max dynamics system