read and write command

anyone know exactly how the read and write command work? i can read and write information to eeprom in my main program, but then in the autonomous program it cant seem to read the data in eeprom. also, if anyone can explain how the memory map works for multiple programs. they seem to be on top of each other, and if i add them up they go beyond 100% full. thanks

Each “slot” has it’s own EEPROM space, so what you write while in your main program (using something like WRITE 1, p1_y) will not be retrievable from other slots.

Also, the 26 bytes of RAM are shared between all slots, so the fact that the total is >26 doesn’t matter. What matters is that no individual slot uses more than 26 bytes of space.

thanks. do u know why i am getting about 14 program cycles a second? i thought the constant was around 25 cycles per second

26ms is merely the step size. Thus, you can have a loop speed of 26, 52, 75ms, etc. If you have a lot of code, or code that takes a long time to exectute, it can be significantly more than the 26.

Common culprits are the debug commands as they are VERY slow. Make sure to comment them out before an actual competition.