Read MJPG pausing my programme

Hello chief delphy

I started recently working on our vision proccecing, but I am unable to run my programme, since every time it runs the “Read MJPG” loop pauses it.

I tried to use the example that comes with the programme, but to the same exact results.

It seems that when I unpause it runs again, but pauses at the exact same point.

There are no Errors in the code. I am using an IP camera.

Thank you very much for your help.

Does the VI have a breakpoint set? It will have a red border around the object. You can use the find command to locate it, if there is one.

Choose Edit>>Find and Replace, or ctl-f, and the dialog should open.

In the top row, make sure it is on Objects. On the centered square selector, click, goto Other, and choose the stop symbol.

If it is not a breakpoint, does the pause button in the toolbar turn red?

If either of these is the issue, remove it and save the VI.

Greg McKaskle

It does turn red, I’ll try it and come back

Thank you :slight_smile: