read only?

i saved the frc code to a disk so i can get it to my computer that dosent have internet, but has mplab

i try to open it and it says read only blah blah blah, i think i saved it to the disk wrong

im trying to save the code on a different disk

my computer that has internet dosent have win zip ,

does anyone have the basic code in a not zipped folder that i can some how get?


Windows comes with a basic ZIP program.

it opens up then says this is not a free software, then closes

do you need an old version of winzip?

If you’re talking about a floppy disk, check to make sure the little tab on the corner isn’t closed. This is a read/write protector. When you can see through the little hole, then the disk is read-only.

If you’re talking about a CD, CDs cannot be written to and so you should copy the code to your hard disk, then work on it.

i saved the cd rom files to my harddrive and it still comes up with the same message, the files on the disk used to work, but then they started saying read only

im so lost

maybe right click on a file, then click “properties”, then find the “read only” box and uncheck it

i tried, only the box is not checked


If your saving files onto a folder, you may want to check and see if you have the ability to change files saved within the folder. You may be trying to acheive the impossible. :ahh:

If that’s the case, try saving the file onto the desktop and then opening it. You should be able to work with your program that way.:cool:

Also check to see if your easyC/mpLab license hasn’t expired. That could also be causing a problem. Other than that, I don’t know what else to say.

Are you sure you copied them and didnt just make a short cut?

Another Thing,

If you are trying to use a school computer, you may be locked out of certain directories for security reasons, and hence, you aren’t able to make changes or save anything onto that directory.

Try creating a folder on the desktop, or some other directory where you have permissions to write to and save your work.

Let me know if this helps. :cool:

save it to the computer first and then try to open it.