Read The Rules


Hi All,

As you all know, the game was released yesterday. Of course, traffic on Delphi increased significantly. I would just like to remind everyone to please read the manual. I’ve lost count of how many threads could have been prevented had the poster read the rules. If you have a rules question, check the manual, recheck the manual, check a third time, do a quick search on delphi, and if you still haven’t found an answer, then can you create a thread. Even then, however, it might be more beneficial (and the answer more official) if you ask the GDC through the FIRST Q&A.



I have noticed the same thing. The manual is very well laid out this year. Please try to keep unnecessary congestion down.

Another point I would like to make is regarding elements of the manual. There are dozens of threads pertaining to this.

Team 2502 has tried to get all the documents up in one place:
Please look there before making another thread looking for a particular document from the first website

Read the manual and search CD before making a thread.

EDIT: If you want to know what a term means the glossery is in Section 1: Introduction of the manual. This includes the definition of the bumper zone.

With all of the site traffic, CD seems to be running very slowly. This tends to get annoying when there are actual threads that could be of help that some of us want to read. There is a thread about what an ubertube is…which seems completely unnecessary. Often, in response to these type of questions, a member will reply “read the manual”. The threrad, and reply could have been saved if the person had just read it in the first place. So yes, in continuation with the posts before me, PLEASE READ THE MANUAL AND TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT WITH YOUR TEAM BEFORE YOU POST A SILLY QUESTION THAT CAN EASILY BE ANSWERED BY A LETTER FOLLOWED BY A NUMBER (ex: <G20>).

Don’t just read the Manual, too.

SEARCH is in the orange bar at the top of the page. When a bunch of different threads ask “can we catapult the minibot? can we? can we?”, some of us get really annoyed at having to answer the same question in many places. Use the search feature to find an existing thread on the topic and see what people are already saying.