Reading Dashboard Variables in Auto

The autonomous that I have written depends on various boolean variables in a custom dashboard I built (in a new FRC Dashboard Project). The problem is, I’m getting no value for any of those variables in the autonomous. I am using “SD Read Boolean” to call those variables, but it does nothing? For now, I will just have to put those controls on the autonomous front panel, but I would of course like to be able to call variables from the dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you writing the variables explicitly, or are you relying on the LabVIEW Dashboard framework to set them for you? Where on the Dashboard did you place the controls that you’re trying to connect to the Smart Dashboard variables?

I’m still not certain where the Boolean controls were, but by default the attached image shows that the code binds the Auto and Operation tabs and no others. Your choices are to put the controls into one of those two tabs, add a tab to the binding array, or use an explicit write operation in the top loop ( like how the joysticks are updated ).

Greg McKaskle

From Clipboard.png

From Clipboard.png