Reading NES controller from digital inputs

I wrote some code to read the buttons of the NES controller and thought I would post it here if anyone was interested…

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More information can be found here…

nes.c (1.24 KB)
nes.h (289 Bytes)

nes.c (1.24 KB)
nes.h (289 Bytes)

Cool! Now all you need to do is upgrade it to use a controller that has analog inputs.:smiley:

Next Step: Atari

It sucks that you cant reprogram the OI’s processor… this would prove impossible to do to on the OI the way its programmed with the 26.2ms update. :frowning:


You could make a custom circuit to translate what is coming from the nes controller to the digital inputs on the OI.

Yeah all you would need is a simple microchip like a PIC16F or something

I am friends with someone who has programmed over the loop in the RC, it just sends a signal to the coprocessor ever 26.2 ms so that it thinks it is doing the right thing.

Can he control all the pwm’s from the user processor?

It might keep the SPI happy… but does it would have to communicate full packets to the master micro so that the checksums and byte counts check… what did he gain out of writing his own loop?

Also, is it legal to have custom circuits on the OI? I never went to the FIRST school of law. If it is legal… :cool:

I wish they had a higher current capability on the +5v supply though, don’t suppose you could run much of anything anyhow, but a Nanowatt series microchip micro should be ok.


It is legal as long as they are powered only from the 5 volts from the joystick ports, the current limit is 10 ma though.

From what I know they had all functionality, I will talk to him and try to get more info on it.