[Real] FIRST® Power Up℠ is Speed Racer (Evidence Included)

Greetings, ChiefDelphi!

I have come across an astounding discovery: The 2018 FRC Game “FIRST® Power Up℠” is based off of the popular movie Speed Racer.

My reasoning for believing this to be true is simple, yet powerful. Here is why.

Recently on AndyMark there was a “LevelUp” event, in which new products for FRC were announced. What was unnoticed is that the background image ( http://www.andymark.com/v/vspfiles/photos/homepage/1512145004625.jpg ) for “LevelUp” is actually the credits sequence for a game on the handheld gaming system, Game Boy Advance. The game is Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

Now, what is one of the revolutionary components of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire? The fact that because it is on the Game Boy Advance, it can support up to four people being connected to each other. The key number here is four. What else has a limit of four? The answer to that is the main characters of Initial D. There are four main characters featured in this popular racing anime: Takumi Fujiwara, Bunta Fujiwara, Keisuke Takahashi, and Ryosuke Takahashi. Initial D is mainly based off of racing cars and drifting. What does that mean? Speed. Racer.

Illuminati confirmed.

Oh we’re just getting started.

You know who else has a limit of four**? The members of The New Day, if one counts Francesca #2 (the trombone) as a member. Francesca #2 is held by Xavier Woods, who is a noted gamer and runs his own WWE-sanctioned YouTube channel for gaming, UpUpDownDown.


  • Match outcomes will be pre-determined. WWE is fond of booking matches between any two opponents evenly so neither one looks dominant, so we can assume this will flip between alliances from match to match.
  • Head referees will likely take a bump or two in playoffs, and another referee will have to run to the field in order to take over. (The two will then argue after the match when the first ref comes around and makes the opposite decision about the result).
  • Instead of mecanums being the auto-DNP, teams will auto-DNP others based off the absence of pancakes and Booty-O’s cereal. (The latter, of course, makes sure you ain’t booty.)
  • One human player will have to play a trombone mid-match to rally their alliance toward the win BECAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUSSSEEEEE! New! Day Rocks! New! Day Rocks! New! Day Rocks!

**Who? Who? Who? Who?
***Oh look, this list is four items long. Illuminati confirmed indeed.

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Can we just have Overdrive with tofu in the back of the robot instead?

Not only is this competition Illuminati Confirmed but so is FIRST and Andymark. FIRST has a triangle in their logo and has 3 shapes as their logo. Guess what shape has 3 sides? A TRIANGlE!!! And Andymarks logo is made of 3 TRIANGLES!!! The A is made of one and the M is made of 2. Coincidence?!? I think not!!!