Real IRI Rules Changes?

Now that 90+ teams have applied to attend IRI it seems like a good time to discuss possible rule changes to this year’s game. It would be helpful to hear from Chris and company what changes might take place so teams could plan/modify their robots if needed…especially if there are any significant changes in climbing values, etc…

Increase the value of pyramid goal disks to 10 points each? It wouldn’t change the value of most climbers that much but it would be nice to see those goals used a little bit more by objects other than paper airplanes.

Since I figure no one at IRI will use the 1 point goal. Just turn it into another column of feeding slots.

It would be great if they brought the blizzard back. Let’s put up higher nets and watch Ultimate Ascent the way it was meant to be played.

How many disks will there be for the blizzard in most matches though? It would be really interesting if they let HP’s throw them the entire match. It would probably give ground loaders a HUGE advantage but it would make things real interesting!

It also might help fix the “blizzard” since teams could spread the throwing out over the course of 2 minutes as opposed to 30 disks in 30 seconds.

That and if someone’s climbing is effected by contact from a robot on the other alliance (or a robot from the other alliance shoving a robot from the alliance of the climbing robot) the point value of all the colored discs in the robot at the time of impact should be given to the alliance of the climber, along with a 30 point climb.

That way shoving a climber+dumper off the pyramid is actually a net loss, rather than a wash on points.

I don’t think that the rule change should be that excessive. I like the idea of the blizzard even if there won’t be that many left over discs. The rule change shouldn’t drastically change the way the game is played.

Last year’s rule change was perfect. It incorporated an aspect of Rebound Rumble that wasn’t usually there until eliminations. This year’s rule change should be similar. Every team designed their robot thinking that Human Players could through discs in the last 30 seconds. They should get the opportunity to play the game that their robot was designed for.


Also considering the damaged sustain by fallen climbers, maybe revert back to the 10 minute time out for elims?

Maybe a rule that reads
“If an ALLIANCE needs to take a TIMEOUT due to their ROBOT being damaged as the direct result of a FOUL or TECHNICAL FOUL by the opposing ALLIANCE, the opposing ALLIANCE will be charged their TIMEOUT which due to the circumstances will last 10 minutes.”

I’ll throw one out: more frisbees. The way frisbees were barely fitting in the center goal Saturday at Championship, I think it would be a legitimate challenge!

Or larger goals…

I like that. or at the very least generate a free time out for climbers that fell/damaged due to a foul.

How about the 2pt goals become 3pt goals in the last 15 seconds?

I like this idea, but then what happens if the other alliance has no timeout left?

Pff, too easy. What about making the 1pt goal into a 3pt goal in the last 15 seconds? :yikes:

Minus 1 robot for the next match…:ahh:

I’d like to see the pyramid discs be more used also.

Something like:
Each disk scored in the pyramid goal adds one point to the climb score of each of the robots on the pyramid for which the colored disk was scored.

Then their robots are expected to be sitting on the field with no team members near them at the time the next match would have started before the timeout was taken.

“Real IRI Rule Changes?” - do you mean in addition to the co-opertition pyramid?

Any changes will be announced before teams have to commit to attend and then they can decide if they want to play under the rule changes - if any.

Please note that any changes would be tweaks to rules, not significant changes to how the game was played during the season.

If IRI wanted to be really tricky… 2v2 matches with no safe zone near the feeder station! It changes strategies entirely but I think that it would be a lot of fun.