Real Names

I’ve been noticing, over the past year, there’s been a big trend away from using real names as CD usernames. Lately, most new members have been registering with names that have little or no association with their name or other identifying information. I’d like to all point you to a thread posted by some Andy Baker dude last year, in hopes that we may get a few of you new users to let us know who you are. That being said, here’s the aforementioned thread:

Read it… Andy usually has something fairly useful to say :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember correctly, that thread is what spawned the “AKA:” section between your username and custom title. For those choosing not to use real names, if you could please put at least a first name in the “AKA” (also known as) field in your profile, so we all have a more formal way of addressing each other at competitions instead of asking around for various screennames. Or alternatively, if you already use your real name as your user name, put a nickname or screenname in the AKA section, as a way to identify yourself.

Overall I think using real names in one way or another gives a more personal feeling to forums like this, especially when 1) the community continues to grow, and 2) there is a very good chance many of us will meet in the real/offline world.

I definetly agree with this! Its pretty funny because a while back I was having problems with the activation of my membership in Chief Delphi and I e-mailed Brandon who then sent me my “new” username and password! :slight_smile:

Turns out that my username in CD is “Franchesca” … which is my second name!! :] And on top of that I wrote my first and last name in the “AKA”!

Personally I feel that if someone uses their nickname or else other than their real name, well at least they should put their real name in the AKA … and well if those interested in knowing everyones real name, well why don’t they just read it in the AKA? (if it’s there) :rolleyes:

Either way, the persons real name should be displayed somewhere in their post … wether it is their username or their AKA! :smiley:

And just to clarify, my ENTIRE name is:
Nadia Franchesca Zamora Diaz … (i leave the Diaz out)!!

I think I posted this point in that thread awhile back, but I’m not exactly sure, so I’ll post it again. Not everyone is comfortable with posting their real name or other information on the internet. While Chiefdelphi is a relatively tight knit community, its important to remember that we are still on the internet. Personally I see no problem with putting up a pseudonym. While you may want to actually meet the people you have discussions with on here, you can always PM people or discuss it with them seperately. I dont believe that having your real name should be a requirement at all.

It’s not a requirement; just a suggestion. I think most people would prefer dealing with real names, not pseudonyms, but, I do realize some people are uncomfortable with doing so. Thus, it is, as I said, merely a suggestion. We can’t make people use their real names, but we can ask nicely.

Small joke about the pseudonym thing…

I’m in college and live on campus. A lot of the “computer oriented” people such as myself have websites that can be accesed by using your computer name. My computer was called Einstein and I ran a Counter-Strike server on it. Everywhere I’d go on campus people would call me Einstein, they would even introduce themselves by their computer name. It irritated me to no end because I refused to refer to someone by their computer name in real life. Most would go a long with using the real name thing but many would often forget and refer to others by their computer name…OK, after writing this out I realized this is one of those “you have to be theres.”

hmm… maybe i’ll change my ID from afflictionblade to Mike Ciance…

i have my name under my username, but do people really pay attention to that?

maybe i’ll change it… it’ll be my second time… amy thoughts? comments, expecially on the second paragraph?

Mechman wasn’t my creation…

The Broward County Magnet School Coordinator (florida) started calling me mechman back in 2003 season… since then most people who knows me in FIRST either calls me Mechman or Ary… which is short of my real name Arefin … i just added 108 in the back :slight_smile:

ditto-i wanna change it too i think-but not sure-and dont wanna but brandon thru the hastle of changing it, mainly because hes bigger then me-so im afraid-very.

brandon is bigger than most people.

i’ve probably bother brandon more than anybody else here, i am the one who should be afraid lol

Changing takes all of 2.47 seconds. I am happy to do it, actually.

Sweet. Thanks-Could you?

haha… i think i bother brandon each 2 days… :slight_smile: … and i think big mike is bigger than brandon… am i right or wrong? :ahh:

Big Mike is definitely bigger lol. hence the big :smiley:

and that really was like only 2 seconds to switch too lol

i decided to change mine also :smiley:

sw33t. Mike you’re copying meeee! :wink:
Now I gotta change my signature…again!


Hold on now, Brandon…you say it takes 2.47 seconds here, yet in the other post…

Don’t tell me that old age is making things take longer! :smiley:


You guys did all notice the 2.47 seconds right?
not to mention in the other thread it was 1/47 of a second i believe. hehe…

(for the people that don’t get it…think team number!)

anyway…I asked brandon to change my name about half way through build…I wanted people to know who I was, even though at the time I had no “Who am I” picture.

When people use there real names it brings Chief Delphi to a personal level and allows people to greet each other at the compititons in that manner!

I am Benjamin Thomas Lauer…Aka… Benthos - (look it up in the dictionary, you’ll be surprised i promise!)

Oh, right … that was on vb2. vb3 has an extra click.

(not really, but its the only feasable excuse i could come up with)