Real Names

depending on when Brandon gets my message…my user name will be changed to Ryan Forystek.

who’s copying who? that “I am” list was my idea! :slight_smile:

okay fine we’re even. evil one. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you change your user name? sorry im really stupid haha and im not good with computers. I want to change my user name because its so plain and when i signed up on this website, I thought you had to have ur real name as ur user name for some reason. dont ask haha :yikes:

It’s preferred to have your real name…but just PM Brandon Martus about it. He’s cool with changing them. :slight_smile:

he does it in “2.47 seconds” or 1/47th of a sec

Lol so he says. :slight_smile:

No he like really does lol-after i posted asking him-i clicked to go back to the portal and it was done already.

Yeah I know that…immediately the next day mine was changed. I just wonder which it is…1/47th of a second, or 2.47 seconds? :wink:

Mine actually took over a minute! Brandon must not have been obsessing over chiefdelphi for 57.53 seconds.

gasp Oh my gosh!
Lol well, at least it got changed within an hour…:wink:

I actually like my user name – Franchesca!! :smiley: I’ve said it before that it is my real name … second name. I mean either name: Nadia or Franchesca, would be fine to me. And I already have my 1st and last name right below the username … for those who preffer to use that. I think that both names are just as personal!

In any case, if anyone greets me at a competition by the name Franchesca … I would answer :slight_smile: ! And if they’d rather call me Franchesca than Nadia, that would be fine too!

Plus – Brandon Martus already did change my name! :cool:

Well, I PMed Brandon to change mine… :cool:

Ryan Morehart will be appearing soon folks. :smiley:

Alright, I’m officially switched. Cutiebethy has now become BethSweet.

Allright, I jumped on the bandwagon.

hey just a quick request, if you do change your name can you temporarily in your signature or aka field or custom title field somewhere put “previously whoever” or something. just a quick thought…

Oooo, I second that!

So now I am aka: TeknoBramha, after being forced by team members :)… how cool does Bharat Nain sound:p

i can understand havein a “screenname” like Dez250 when your name is mike one of the most common names Ever. and i dont mind i know who dez is. i know who mike T walker is, i know who switchblademikey Etc… but it would be nice to see there full name, or at least there last inital. I however am diffrent there arent many Tytus’s and i think in the only Tytus in First ANd deffenetly the Only Tytus on Chiefdelphi. if i had some name like LasangaNoodle179 it would seem kinda wastefull and i dont think people would take me too seriously.