Real soccer at 2010 IRI

Hey Guys, I’m throwing the idea around with some of my team members of having an actual soccer game between some of the teams going to IRI. I’m sure we could scrape together an extra half hour or two sometime during the competition.

Does anybody think their team would be interested? (and of course at IRI)

Team 294

I know that some people from our team would be interested in playing, but for sure I’d be interested. Just when and where would you want to play?

I know atleast 2 or 3 of our team(skeleton crew) would love to do that if any other team needs a few extra players

I’ll find out more specifically what our plans for the game are, as well as timing and location for a potential match.
My team will most likely have 7 or 8 who can play, so it might be good to have some people who can fill in for a side.

Team 294

Oh, I am SO in. Hahah. Very interested.

Beats my impromptu game of Halo last year. I’d play, but physical sports were never really my thing. If a team desperately needs a player I’d be happy to sub in though.

Where do you plan on playing? I don’t know any fields nearby.

Lucas Oil Stadium ftw :smiley:

Google Maps says the high school has a couple fields… Any chance of borrowing one?

Ok, I’ve emailed the school to see if they have a field that we can use during the competition dates. Hopefully there won’t be a problem with securing a field, most schools don’t lock them up or anything… right?

Also, Can people who are interested in playing or know that their team would be interested PM me so I can try to set up teams and whatnot? I might be able to organize more than one game if I have enough interest.


Team 294 is planning on arriving early in the morning the day before competition starts, on July 15. If any other teams are also getting there early as well, we could get a game in on that day, so we won’t have to schedule around competitions.

What day at IRI would we be playing, and when?

Well, as mentioned: Team 294 will be in the area early the day before the competition, if anyone else will be in town then we could definitely get in a game. If not, then I would think that earlier is probably better than later in the week, but whatever works for everyone.

Team 294

Thursday the 15th is usually a load in night for the competition so they can get a quick start the next morning so you should be able to have several hours of light to play in.

So thursday would be a good day then?

Team 294

You boys better be playing with a Jabulani

I’ve got the Replica, not legit game ball (I don’t have $150 to burn on a soccer ball) lol

Have fun!

Why not the OFFICIAL Breakaway ball with all the dings, scratches, and scuffs?!! :wink:

I’ve got a replica as well (in south africa colors) :smiley:

Although the breakaway one would be cool.

If we were really feeling sadistic the thing to do would be get an official game ball and let the robots have at it for a couple of matches first.

It seems like we’ll probably have enough interest for at least a single game, so that’s cool.

Team 294

Doesn’t look like anyone from 2337 would be playing (ones who have expressed interest here are Basel A and myself). 2337 won’t be getting down there until ~10 PM on Thursday. If you’re planning on playing any other time though, I’m sure we’d be able to join in on the fun!

I’m sure we can come up with a time that can coordinate everybody who wants to play

Team 294

Is there an IRI schedule posted anywhere? If so, we can look over that, find a time when rounds aren’t being played (which would be best), or maybe work around when rounds start/end.