Real soccer at 2010 IRI

I haven’t seen one yet, but somebody might have one.

What about near the end of matches on Friday during/near the end of matches and dinner and possibly part of the talent show if needed and afterwards?

That’s also an option, My team hasn’t been to IRI while i’ve been on the team, so I’m not really familiar with the schedule, but any time that we have an hour or so would probably work.

Team 294


Please let the IRI committee check into this.
We cannot have multiple people calling and checking in with the school for this type of activity.

There is a person on the committee (Jeff Smith) who is part of 1024 and LNHS. He knows who to contact and how to coordinate.

And, it is quite likely that the fields will be locked up. They are not intended for public use due to the cost of maintaining them.


With more than 80 teams playing matches, dinner, various demos, and the talent show, I can’t imagine having that hour available any time before 10pm. :eek:

So, I will probably not be at IRI, but I saw this thread and I just had to say this…

If y’all are going to play real soccer, who’s going to bring the vuvuzelas?

If anyone uses those for team spirit, there will be problems! :stuck_out_tongue:

If Vuvuzelas are ever allowed at competitions they should allow MOE sticks to make a return too.

Weren’t they allowed at the last IRI?

Briefly. Very briefly.

While sitting in the stands with MOE briefly, very briefly, they taught me how to clap the stix together. It was a memorable highlight of my FIRST career to date - sitting in the stands with MOE and being able to hold and clap the stix. I do have to say that they are LOUD - the stuff legend is made of.

It was awesome. :smiley:


Team 51 has a group of guys who would like to play. We would like some more information. Thanks


w00t 503 would love to join! Let me check and see if we will be able to though… :smiley: