Real time camera on driver station

I have been trying to get the camera to display on the driver station in real time, but I couldn’t get the example code that came with Wind River to work. Can anybody post some code that just displays the camera on the driver station?

This is what we are experiencing:

The IP address on that is incorrect.
You need to start your FRC Driver Station application as well. Make sure your team number is set correctly.

I forgot to mention its not my screen shot, it just to show how it looks like. But anyway I got it working now but there is a vertical green line on the live feed.

the vertical green line is supposed to be there, it shows the center of the camera view

If you don’t like the line you can remove it by creating your own LabVIEW Dashboard and edited that out. It’s just an overlay.

Are you using C++/Java/LabView? Just curious if it was C++, then what version of the WPIlib you were using?

C++ using LabView as the IDE. I just followed this thread:

C++, the latest version available.