Real Time Match Results/Comments

OK… I have built up a nice email (TXT) thing for the competition, you just email in emails and you can get alerts, post comments of teams, read comments, read matches of teams, and send in match data of teams.
Here is the layout: for sending a comment
the body of the message starts with a team #, followed by a “:”(colon), followed by the comment.
for multiple comments in one message, you can send a “+” between each of the comments, like so:
358:comment of team 358+47:comment of team 47 for seting up or removing an alert
the body of the message starts with an “A” or a “R” to indicate adding or removing an alert.
this is followed by a colon(":"), which is followed by a “C” or “M” to indicate what to make the alert for when Match results are in or when Comments are sent in for the team, which is followed by a colon(":")
after that colon(":"), you sould put the team # you would like the alert for. Here is an example message you might send:
A:C:358 for reading data from the database.
the body of the message starts with a “C” or “M” to indicate either Comments or Matches, which is followed by a colon(":") team #.
You can read multiple data entries by placing a “+” between each of the entries. Here is an example message:
C:358+M:358 for sending in match results… this is one of the most important things that I need help with from other teams… so please send in match results during the competition with phones, etc…
first comes the match number, followed by a “:”, followed by the score of the red team, followed by a colon, followed by the score of the blue team, followed by another colon, followed by the read alliance teams seperated by “,”(commas) followed by another “:”, which is then followed by the blue alliance teams seperated by commas(",")
here is an example message:

Hope this is a useful scouting tool during the competition, there are still a few bugs that I am working out, but they should be gone by the end of the weekend.
Any comments/suggestions before its too late?

Wow, more great work again. Can’t wait to put it to use at Nationals.

Thanks, but I don’t know how useful it will be without anyone sending in data for other people…:ahh:
Does anyone besides me actually willing to send in data to the email addresses for the benefit of others?

Is there a way to get the information sent if you were stuck on the floor of the Georgia Dome? If so, I could do it for whatever field I wind up on.

I think you mean like if you are not at a computer? You can Text message it with a phone, of email it with a blackberry or something. Not sure other than that really.

Great job Bobby!

Also I know that FIRST says there won’t be internet access…but I believe last year there was a random WiFi network in the Georgia Dome…

Alerts Now Work!!!:stuck_out_tongue:
OK… I have fixed all of the bugs :slight_smile: (that I could find), which included me putting a ‘-’ instead of a ‘=’, which caused all alerts to not be sent :ahh:, and another thing, that sent a new alert out every time that someone submitted data for a match, even if someone else added it already, now it doesn’t send it out. and doesn’t create a new row in the DB for it.
oops, I found another error, I accidently had a 0 instead of a 1, which cause there to be no response message when sending to
I fixed it, and it seems to work now

Now I just need some people that are committed to helping out with data sending.
Also commenting would be nice to see being used. :cool:

Please beta test it prior to the championship please, I would like to see if there are any more bugs, and I want to remove them as soon as possible… This system just wouldn’t be useful if there was a bug in the system at the championship, but you can still use FIRSTsearch-togo for searching the rules, updates, awards, and such, it has no bugs.