Real Time Scoring (minor) Update Needed

While I was at the PNW Clackamas event last weekend I had a chance to stare at the scoreboard quite a bit, one thing bothered me was that the possession coloring of both switch and scale reset at the end of the match. This compounded with the lights on the field elements turning purple (rather than their randomized alliance colors), made close matches especially hard to predict which alliance was actually going to come out ahead. I’m proposing that FIRST update the Real Time Scoring display so that at T=0 the switch and scale icons stay lit the same color they were at T=0.00001 (or however they lasted ticked).

Basically, instead of this at T=0;

Display the scale and switch icons as they are at T=1;

(The Blue Alliance link for this match including match video can be found here (Blue lost those critical 5 points due to un-parking themselves))


On the other hand … FIRST might want to keep you in suspense for a little while???

I suppose there is a tension between perfect real time scoring (like a basketball game), and the added suspense that comes from having to wait just a little while longer (like after a close foot/horse race, or figure skating) to learn the true, final, penalties-included outcome.