Realistic Wood

Our team is trying to make a more realistic wood. Does anyone know how to make it look nicer? We’re going for a cherry wood look.

did u go through the materials included in 3ds max? they have some pretty good textures for wood.

Use a wood texture of your choice, then adjust the tiling to fit your surface/object. you can also turn up the bump of the texture so it looks more 3D. it’s easier to offer help if i know exacly how you need help, so if you have pics or something, show em.

you almost answered my question. I just want to know what colors are good for a pine wood floor. And, when I make the wood grains far apart, it looks like sand. When it’s close together, it looks like a mess. What properties should I give it to make it look better.

for colors, use google, search for pine or something, but i guess a light brown and a more reddish, darker brown would work well.

as per sizing, i can’t really help. there is no magic formula to make wood look good. just try adjusting the tiling. if it looks bad too big or too little, don’t make it that size.
what may be the problem is that the resolution of your texture is too low. use google to find a good, big picture of wood you like, and use that instead of the max textures. but max textures ar usually pretty good.

ok, thank you for your help, I think I found what I was looking for.

I found that if I’m missing a good texture, I can open a program called Wood Workshop. I’ve created everything from sand to brick to Wood to Asphalt and ever kindergarten floor tiles in it. It’s an incredable program. Highly recommended. (I’m using it in my Anima)
You can install it HERE
Good luck :wink: