Realtime current data wanted

I’m building a battery testing rig to do a few things.

  1. test our new batteries to weed out bad ones and pre-condition new ones.
  2. quantify the capabilities of each brand of battery if any.
  3. learn labveiw and test stand.
  4. examine charging profiles of different battery chargers and their effects on performance.

what I have is the NI hardware to control and log voltage and current. I have a 300A programmable DC load that can be programmed for current and slew rates.

what I’m looking for is time domain data of current and voltage from actual robots in actual competitions. Ideally it would be total current from the battery with a sample rate of 10hz or faster. data does not have to be from this season. Ideally this is in csv or tab delimited format. I don’t have a good way to convert driver station logs to a csv.

I want to examine and build a generic profile from a cross section of different robots that represent the full 2min30sec of a match at the limit of what a battery is able to deliver. This may require a little tweaking but I’m hoping when it’s done I can test a large cross section of batteries and make the data available to everyone who is interested.


Here’s some data of ours from competition matches this season! 10Hz, contains voltage and current data (among other things). You can use the Match State column to cut the data down to when the match starts and ends. (If you’d like to explore the CSVs in more detail, you can also use our team’s analysis tool to visualize what the robot is doing throughout the match.)

2024-03-22-14-55-smartdashboard.csv.txt (1.3 MB)
2024-03-22-10-01-smartdashboard.csv.txt (1.0 MB)
2024-03-22-09-09-smartdashboard.csv.txt (994.0 KB)