Realtime Scoring/Strategy Utility for Archimedes (+ others)

Posted by Laurence at 04/02/2001 8:11 PM EST

Engineer on team #537, Domo ARIGATO, from Sussex-Hamilton and GE Medical Systems.

I’ve developed a Java based scoring utility that we intend to use during the competition. We would appreciate it if teams in the Archimedes division would take a look at this so that you will understand how to best make use of it during the matches.

Everybody is welcome to download it and try using it as well

The tool helps you keep track of score during the match, and decide what actions to pursue. It is designed specifically to be used during a match (using HCI/CHI/USD design principles), and requires very little operator attention! Everything can be controlled from the keyboard without taking your eyes off the game.

Feel free to contact me at the competition if you have any questions.