rearrange crio modules?

Hey so we need to rearrange our crio modules.
dont ask why we just need to.

However when we rearanged the modules and reformated the crio the code does not work. The driver station displays no I/O found. in the diagnostics tab.

Does anyone know how to make this work?

Also we are using Java so that might have something to do with it.

That’s a shame… cause it’s not possible. The FPGA is compiled to expect certain modules in specific slots.

Not sure what you mean by “displays no I/O found”. Displays it where? Is that exactly what it says? This is likely a message about the Cypress I/O board and has nothing to do with moving the modules.

Nope… no one does… since it’s not possible.

super easy - put the modules in the slots indicated by the manual.

[LEFT]You can swap some of the modules:[/LEFT]

  • [LEFT]slot 1 can be swapped with slot 2[/LEFT]
  • [LEFT]slot 4 can be swapped with slot 6[/LEFT]
  • [LEFT]slot 7 can be swapped with slot 8[/LEFT]

[LEFT]But that’s probably not much help is it?[/LEFT]


Just as i had feared, oh well we will just put them back like they were.

Thanks anyway.

That is inaccurate… While you “can” swap 1 and 2 and you “can” swap 4 and 6, you are required to have a 9201 in slot 1 and a 9403 in slot 4.


I believe “swap” is accurate, while “move” would not be, except for slots 7 & 8. :slight_smile:

But it was tongue in cheek.

Fair enough. :slight_smile: This whole topic is a bit comical.

so can you move the ni 9472 module to a slot other than 8 or 7?