Rearranging tubes on scoring pegs?

I tried searching the 2011 manual but I can not find anything about a possibility of removing tubes from the scoring pegs and rearranging them.

I was wondering if anyone can give their opinion or point to the rule if I missed it.

EDIT: Ubertubes can not be rearranged according to 3.1.4 <G16> UBERTUBES may not be HUNG (during tele-op)

You cannot touch your opponent’s tubes at all (no descoring or stealing), but nothing stops you from rearranging your own tubes.

Ubertubes are restricted. See <G16>.
Opponents’ tubes are off-limits. <G39>, plus penalty due to zone/lane entrance (<G32> and <G33>).

Own tubes other than ubertubes are unknown. However, if this is anything like 2007, it might be more difficult than it’s worth. (Granted, there aren’t any things keeping tubes on. But still…)

<G39> Robots and Feeders may not descore opponent’s GAME PIECES.
*Violation: RED CARD. *

From the Glossary:

HANGING – aGAME PIECE is HANGING when it is fully supported by a PEG and released by the POSSESSING ROBOT. Once a GAME PIECE has been released by the POSSESSING ROBOT (even momentarily) and is HANGING (e.g. it is fully supported by the PEG), it is considered to be HANGING until the end of the match. If a GAME PIECE on the floor is preventing a GAME PIECE that has been hung on a bottom PEG from becoming fully supported (that is, if the floor GAME PIECE was not there, the hung GAME PIECE would be scored) then that GAME PIECE will still be counted as scored.

So even if you move your own game piece, it’s still considered to be in the original position. Is it in the new position too? Who will be keeping track?

Scoring is assessed at two times. First time is after autonomous, second time after match ends. It would seem that moving game pieces at your own end is allowed. Score will be computed for tubes on the pegs at EOM.

Would like to revisit this question with regards to PEG SCORE and rearranging of your own GAME PIECES on the SCORING GRID.

From the Glossary:

Once a GAME PIECE has been released by the POSSESSING ROBOT (even momentarily) and is HANGING (e.g. it is fully supported by the PEG), it is considered to be HANGING until the end of the match.

My first impression on reading this was that the GAME PIECE, specifically a LOGO PIECE, would be scored based on the initial peg on which it was placed. In other words, cannot be moved. Or if it is, only the original location counts for scoring purposes. But some of the discussion here at CD got me looking at it more deeply.

There are no rules that specifically forbid moving LOGO PIECES on your own SCORING GRID, but neither are there rules that state that the final resting place of the LOGO PIECE is how it will be scored.

<G65> The PEG SCORE is the sum of points determined by the positions of the GAME PIECES on each SCORING GRID. A LOGO PIECE HANGING in front of an UBERTUBE doubles the points for that SCORING PEG. The table below gives the value for each LOGO PIECE HANGING on a SCORING PEG.

Using the definition of HANGING from the Glossary, this seems to me to be implying that the original placement - HANGING - of a LOGO PIECE is how that piece will be scored.

My question then is: Can you rearrange HANGING LOGO PIECES on your SCORING GRID in an attempt to improve your score, or are LOGO PIECES scored based on the first peg upon which they are hung?

It’s the final score that counts. I would suggest reading

Thanks, that was the answer I was looking for. I did a search of the Q&A, but was hung up on the term HANGING for the search parameter. (I need to work on my search skills!)

Still leaves the question hanging, though: What do they mean by once it is HANGING, it is considered HANGING for the rest of the MATCH.

Edit: Update #7 takes care of this nicely.