Reason: InvalidImageException RoboRIO Image invalid!

Reason: InvalidImageException
RoboRIO Image invalid! RoboRIO: 2019_v14, allowed: [2019_v12, 2019_v13]
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Make sure you have updated your wpilib version to 2019.4.1 in your build.gradle file

From team update 14:

Control System:A requiredNIUpdate Suite (2019.2.0) with a new roboRIO image (FRC_roboRIO_2019_v14) has been released. This image fixes a bug where robots randomly enter the Watchdog Not Fed state (disabling outputs) for ~2.5s when they should be enabled. To use this image, C++\Java teams must have the previously released 2019.3.2 update installed.

You will get this if you don’t have the wpilib update 2019.3.2 or later.

Yes, I have update the wpilib version to 2019.4.1 and RoboRIO Image version to V14. The solution is update the gradle version in the projects build.gradle version manually by change it to " id “edu.wpi.first.GradleRIO” version “2019.4.1” ".
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How would you do this? I have reformated the roboRio to V14. What else would I need to do

RIO firmware needs to be in line with the wplib version. Mismatches will cause errors. So make sure to update both. Also, be aware if you are using any CTR or Rev libraries, they too will have firmware compatibility concerns. I.e. drivers need align with the motor controllers firmware.

Run the >WPILib: Check for WPILib Update
by either clicking the WPILib icon in the upper right corner or hitting [CTRL + Shift + P] and start typing Update. The intellisense

will sort out all options that include the word Update.

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