Reasons for non-functional piston?

Hi everyone,

One of the pistons from our competition bot from last year has spontaneously stopped triggering. Some background information:

-the piston itself works fine as we have tested it manually
-our compressor is functioning and our tanks are holding air
-the spike is functioning and displaying a green light when we attempt to trigger the piston
-our solenoid is functioning
-airlines seem to be hooked up properly

All the individual components seem to be working fine. Also, we find it strange that it stopped working out of the blue when the code has been the same since our competitions.

Any reasons as to why this could be happening?

What pressure is your regulator at? Solenoids can have unpredictable behavior below a minimum pressure.

Try taking the air lines out of the offending piston and triggering the solenoid without them in. If the air switches sides like you expect it to, you have a plumbing problem or an air pressure problem (or no problem at all). If the solenoid doesn’t switch sides when you expect it to, you have a wiring problem, a code problem, or a underpressure problem (like Joe said).

If the wiring and program checks out OK and the solenoid does not switch the piston could be stuck in the manifold.

How are you testing your solenoid? By pushing the manual trigger buttons or electrically? If you only tested with the buttons and not by applying a voltage directly to the solenoid, then the electrical portion of the solenoid may have failed, or the wire between the solenoid and the Spike may have broken, etc.

Some solenoids have a lock on the manual actuation button. If it is locked to the “on” position…

If the relief port is blocked, there is no where for the air on the opposite side of the piston to go.