"Rebooting CompactRIO device" takes forever.

I am trying to re-image a cRIO, and when I attempted it, I kept getting the “Rebooting CompactRIO device” message. I have waited forever, and the message does not change. Is this normal? I have no idea if my computer is just slow or if there is some cRIO problem. Please help!

I do not have too much experience with cRIOs. I am programming, not electrical, but could it be bricked? When flashing my router with a new firmware, I was experiencing something similar:]

While the cRIO is reimaged, it reboots once or twice and uses several protocols and addresses. The above thread lists some of the things to check. These symptoms do not indicate it is bricked, and once you get the settings correct, it is really quite easy.

If you don’t have luck, post more info about your laptop settings and folks can pinpoint what you should try next.

Greg McKaskle

Last year I had to FTP into the CRIO and manually delete files to get it to come back. This was an old 8 slot CRIO. Technically I think MAX should be able to do the same thing through the GUI with a format, but I couldn’t get it to work. Search NI for details on reformatting such as the one below: