Rebounds in Rebound Rumble?

So… How many rebounds have you seen in Rebound Rumble?

(I mean a robot catching a missed ball that bounced off the rim or backboard and then making the shot with that ball.)

We managed it twice in San Diego. You can see the first time in the first 25 seconds of this video:
This was in hybrid mode - we shot and missed two, but hit the third on the rebound.

Considering this is the “name of the game” I was wondering if it was happening much…

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox

That’s just amazing. You need to get out and buy a lottery ticket asap.

Side note: Has anyone ever sported a bigger air cylinder than 1661 has?

We have a catapult as (one of) our shooter(s).

During the Niles event, we had someone from the local ABC station interview us; we demo’d our robot for him by firing a ball into the wall (this was during quarter finals, and there weren’t any teams left around us). The ball bounced off the wall and landed directly in our catapult cup, completely unplanned, so we proceeded to fire it several more times, and it kept doing it’s trick.

Not quite the same as doing it on the field, but it was awesome! :yikes:

Team 469 is very good at this. They have a basket that can catch most balls that miss the first time. They definitely get the rebound award from the teams I have seen. :slight_smile:

1717 got a rebound from 987 in hybrid mode. Kinda cool, we didn’t even realize it until we went back and watched the video.

Video here. Our first shot misses, and bounces back to 1717’s intake.

Yes, 469 is very good at it. Not only do they catch flying balls in their hopper, but they also get a lot of balls that roll off the fender. I’ve seen them re-shoot their hybrid misses many times - it’s pretty cool.

At Lenape we shot 2 balls in autonomous. Our first ball hit off the backboard and fell into our alliance partner’s shooter and launched into the middle hoops. Our second shot hit off the backboard and came right back into our robot. At the end of autonomous, I looked and saw a ball in the robot and thought “How did we get a third ball?” Turned out it was the same one.

We did things like this in hybrid many times, which led us to declare “Our hybrid may not be very effective, but it sure is entertaining!”

In our shop…

It’s pretty rare and happens by chance mostly. It’s neat to see it happen as, like I said, it doesn’t happen often!

At Alamo, the first ball shot in Hybrid Mode landed in 3335’s top opening and got into the ball chute just before the second ball was launched. Afterward, they added a third “dry fire” shot to the software in case this ever happened again.