Recap Tues 8:30pm EST w/ Nick Coussens & Giveaway!

Join us Tuesday 1/31 8:30pm EST for FUN Recap for the latest FRC News and Discussions.

Guest: Nick Coussens from FRC2451 PWNAGE.

Also Kristine Atiyeh from FRC125 NUTRONS will be live drawing a famous FRC robot and giving it away on the show!

Watch Live:
**Here’s an example of one of Kristine’s drawings. Which sweet robot do you want to see her draw on Tuesday?**

254 2014 or 2011 please :smiley:

2014 robot 1678 plz.

1717 2012 or 971 2015

Or 971 2016.

: D

D :

469 in 2010 pls

Question for the show: Can bumpers exceed the max volume? Bumpers are like max volume plus, right?

Don’t be jelly

1717 2009 would be awesome! Create an illustration to go along with The New Cool :cool:

i much prefer peanut butter and banana sandwiches over peanut butter and jelly

Bumpers must fit inside of the volume.

Go old school, team 25, 968, or 1114 from 2006

1114 in 2015 would make a really cool drawing

141 Wobots from 2006.
3313 Mechatronics from 2014.
1501 THRUST from 2006.


5172 from 2016

Kristine has picked one of these and we can’t wait to show it being finished during the show! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

Remember you can win the drawing by watching the show live, following the channel, and typing the correct phrase in chat when prompted.

The only ‘famous’ robot worth drawing is the FRC game animation’s Dozer Bot. :wink:


Thank you to everyone who watched the show last night! If you didn’t get a chance you can find it at

Special thank you to our guest Nick Coussins from FRC2451 PWNAGE

If you would like to view Kristine’s drawing of 254’s 2014 robot you can check it out on her Etsy page at (smaller res below). We’ll have Kristine on 1-2 times a month so make sure you stop back to check these being finished live on air.