Receiving missing parts from KOP

I know that when you are missing parts you fax FIRST, but do they just send you the missing parts ?? or do they contact you first ??

I am asking because I am wondering if I should be expecting an email (or maybe a phone-call) within the next few days, or if a box is just going to be shipped to me.

I was just thinking the same thing considering tomorrow is the last day to fax FIRST. So will we get a fax back?

Another question…Unfortunatly a rookie team we mentor has not yet done their inventory. We are going to help them get that done tomorrow so they can fax FIRST. Does anyone see this as a problem that we will be faxing them probably after five o’clock tomorrow, the last day?

Well, one problem is the fax number has not been answering for the last several hours. Anybody know what’s up with that? The number I am trying to use is 603 666 0043, is that the one?

Bill B

FIRST has said their fax has been busy, if you cant get a fax to go through on the number 603-666-0043, try using the number 603-666-3907.
I hope that helps!

We faxed our list Monday, and I (main contact) received an e-mail confirmation Wed night, saying that the replacements will ship out next week…

*This is just a confirmation that FRC parts has received your teams kit of
parts checklist with the missing items and is in process of handling
it. Availability of parts is critically low, but we will fill the orders
as best we can and give you information on where other items might be
obtainable. Parts will ship to all teams next week via Fed Ex
2-day. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Best Wishes!!

Becasue of the volume of Faxes FIRST extended the deadline


I sent the fax twice and didn’t get any email :frowning:

and it’s now the end of the 29th and still haven’t gotten any parts … i think that’s bad


Q: We faxed out list of missing parts from the kit of parts. We were wondering if we are able to confirm if you got our list?

A: It would take longer to confirm all the receipts than it does to process them.

Q: When will we receive confirmation of our list of missing parts and when can we expect the missing parts?

A: FIRST started shipping Friday and is shipping parts out as fast as possible. We hope to have parts out by Wednesday, January 28.