Recent movies that make you say..."wow"

So I know there are a ton of other movie threads circulating, but I want to know if you’ve seen a movie lately that makes you just go “…wow…”.
For me, I had heard from a co-worker that “Lucky Number Slevin” was “phenominal” and that he wouldn’t even give me any hints to what it is about, insisting I had to see it myself. So I did, and after just finishing watching it, I can say that this has probably been one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very very long time; running close to “Saving Private Ryan”. I have to warn you though, there’s some language and blood and crime, but if you can handle the aforementioned themes I’d suggest getting off of your chair this very minute, going to the video store and rent this. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I give this movie 5 stars, thats how good it was

Well, after talking to our show’s movie critic, Flags of our Fathers is supposed to be absolutely incredible. The Prestige is supposed to be great, and The Departed should also go on your list. Right now, there’s a bunch of great ones out!

Saw III made me say “Wow”.

“Wow, I’m going to vomit profusely now.”

I dunno about you guys…but Snakes on a Plane really made me go wow. It was a cinematic masterpiece.

Truly groundbreaking.

I saw The Prestige and it was great. Everything about it from the story to the acting.

Crash and Derailed.

I’ll have to agree on Crash - it was the only movie I’ve ever seen where the closing credits started, and people were still in their seats, jaws agape.

Primer- what happens if it actually works?
Made me go wow…

“wow i’ve got a headache because I can’t tell wtf just happened!”

I will have to say the same thing about THe Departed such an amazing movie… but then again one look at the people acting in it and that much talent you should expect it

i think that Fearless with Jet Li Was An AMAZING MOVIE!!!,… it was a great way to finish… no more jet li… how depressing… anywayz… i’m not gonna ruin it for everyone who hasn’t seen it, but all i hav to say is that it was absolutely phenomenal…it had a good story plot… less fighting… but a definite breath-taking experience

Flags of Our Fathers was amazing, we had a showing before it was released at Columbia with some of the producers and stuff there.
I also really really really liked Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D. I reccomend seeing it, it is so amazing.

IN the theaters this year my top movie is The Departed. Looks like Marty is finally gonna get his long deserved Oscar.

The other night I came across this spectacular anime I never heard of called Karas; The Prophecy. It reminded me when I first saw Akira. The animation is spectacular but it seems better written than Akira was(there was a severe lack of sympathetic characters in Akira except for Kaori who spent the movie getting abused). It aint Miyazaki (no one tops the master) but I am very interested in finding this movie.

Regarding The Departed, let me say that it doesn’t entirely sit right with me, what Scorcese has done. To remake Infernal Affairs I feel like he would have had to be thinking one of two things.

a) I can do it better, or

b) I can tap into the North American market, regain some late 80s/early 90s magic, and hopefully win my Oscar

If b) is the case, and I hope it isn’t, he should probably be ashamed of himself. If a) is the case, I’m not a film critic willing to pass judgement on his success or failure in that arena. What I will say is that in Scorcese’s film, the ending changes the…moral tone of the piece, if you will, enough to alter the substance of the film significantly. It ends more like the Beijing edit of Infernal Affairs, where the Chinese government had to insist on its own moral message. What I mean to say is: if he wanted to make a different film, maybe he should have made a different film.

Of course I’m aware that there’s a school of thought that will believe that adaptations of other films with added personal directorial idosyncracies are just as valid as adaptations of books or plays the same way. There is always the old adage that artists of genius know enough to constantly steal from everywhere (who is that a butchering of…Eliot?)

So I’ll say that, yes, Martin Scorcese is a great man in film, a true historian and scholar of the art, and if anyone deserves an academy award at this point it’s probably him. With that said, I think he’s a little lost.

Regarding Anime, I think Rintaro surpassed Miyazaki in 2001 when he made Metropolis, but…it’s up in the air for me. I do love most of Miyazaki’s work as well, which is more moving, emotionally speaking, than Rintaro’s stylistic masterpiece.

Flags of our Fathers was just awesome.
It made me go wow a couple times in during it.
I highly recemened it, but it is not for the light of heart.

Someone tried to convince me there were some statistical inaccuracies in the ads that movie, but it’s actually very accurate. I think their argument was that it couldn’t have been as large of a naval fleet, but if you include landing vessels, that’s gonna make for a lot of boats. I’m gonna go watch it as soon as I can use one of my discount passes.

I didn’t really care much for Metropolis. It never grabbed me even the spectacular last reel.

The Prestige reminded me too much of Primer, but it was still good. The Departed was definitely a WOW movie for me.

Snakes on a Plane gave me hope abou tthe Movie industry. Yeah, on paper, it’s a pretty dumb movie, but it had a stupid brillence that reminded me that Hollywood can manage to take something like the horror film genre, and reinvigerate it with a new sence of originality.

I liked Saw III.

Wow, Just wow… you must have to be CRAZY to think of such things.