Recognizing CTRE CAN Devices

I am having a problem recognizing any of the CAN devices on two different robots. I tried two different computers both using the CTRE Tuner software to try and see them. One of these robots had previously been working perfectly fine.

I tried reformating one of the roboRIOs that didn’t help (both of them have the new firmware and image). The tuner software clearly detects the robot (tried connecting with both ethernet and USB) but it “hangs” discovering CAN devices. I tried running the debugging commands seen here and the ?action=getversion came back completely normal and the ?action=getdevices came back with no devices. I have installed the Phoenix Library / Diagnostics onto the roboRIOs multiple times and I still get no devices. I have tried multiple different configurations of devices on the CAN network all starting at roboRIO and ending at PDB (resistor on) and have tried swapping out those same wires. For one of the robots this was working even earlier today with this same computer and I have no idea what could have changed. All of the talon’s / PDB have reasonable light codes showing unconnected CAN prior to hooking things up then good blinking lights indicating connected CAN after I hook things up.

I am out of things to try…any ideas?