Recoil tubing?

Did the kit of parts come with recoil tubing this year?

I seem to remember it did, but the kit of part checklist and our inventory say otherwise. If it did not come with recoil tubing, can we get some?


I hope your build is going well!!

I am assuming that when you say recoil tubing you are referring to coiled tubing.
The KOP had none of this. I honestly cannot remember ever having this in a KOP for the past few years or ever actually.

You can order it from Freelin Wade (
They provided the tubing in the kit this year.

If you call them they can get you anything that you need.
They give a 50% discount on a single order from FIRST teams and are really great people to work with. You will have to call them to set this up though.

Just call them @ 888-373-9233 and tell them you are a FIRST team
They will get you set up with anything you need.

Our team needed a coiled array with six different tubes for use on our all pneumatic lift/claw and the are sending us one that has a working length of 12 feet…

Remember that you only can order one time and get the discount so figure out whatever you need and contact them and place your order.

As I said they are very nice people and will help you.
If you have a problem tell them what the problem is and they may be able to suggest an answer…

Good luck in your build!!!


In the past we have made our own by coiling the kit tubing around a pipe and heating it up, either in an oven (200 degrees) or with a heat gun. You have to be careful with this because if you heat the tubing too much it could collapse. Also over heating might make the tubing brittle, but that takes a LOT of overheating. We’ve been pretty succesful using this method.

Double-stranded, either 2007 or 2006 (maybe 2005), red/blue. It only came that one year. It is legal.

It came in the 2006 kit. It was my team’s rookie year, and I remember it lying around the room because we weren’t educated in the ways of pneumatics.