Recommendation for Analog Pressure Sensor

Dear CD,

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, pneumatic pressure sensor that they have used with the cRIO system? Years ago FIRST used a TI sensor but I cannot find that part number online.

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I don’t know how inexpensive ($87) this is, but here’s what we used last year.
Search Digikey for : 734-1003-ND

Rated for 200psi (125psi required)
Analog output (0.5 V ~ 4.5 V)

Please see my earlier posting regarding the legality of using a pressure transducer on the high pressure side of the pneumatics system. I asked and received a Q&A that this is illegal.

If you are using it on the low pressure side (like to modify the output pressure for a shooter), then it should be fine.


Keep in mind I haven’t tested this, but here’s a $10 sensor from digikey:

I imagine you could simply attach a hose onto the barb and secure it in place, but I’m not acquainted with the tubing ID.

That’s only rated for 72.5 psi


All pneumatic components must be COTS pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for working pressure of at least 125psi (with the exception of R78-D](

Right, this would be for measuring pressure downstream of the 60psi regulator. There’s a 150psi equivalent (MPX5999D), but I don’t believe it comes with the useful plastic molding.

EDIT: didn’t see that rule, thanks for pointing it out! The search continues…

Doesn’t matter where you put it. It’s not legal unless it’s rated for 125psi.

In that case, here’s a similar one by Honeywell:

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I just purchased the Honeywell analog pressure sensor (NBPDANN150PAUNV- PN 480-5552-ND) from Digikey for $12.32/pc (2 units). After I hook them up I will let everyone know how they worked out (planning on displaying pressure on the dashboard).