Recommendations for CNC Router Spindle

We’ve been running a Velox VR-5050 since fall 2019, with a PorterCable 5-speed router motor. Yesterday the motor started showing signs of overheating/burnout damage while routing 1/4" aluminum (3/16" single flute bit, 20k rpm, 60ipm), including some telltale magic smoke smell, causing us to stop the cut, and some slight clicking noises while manually rotating the bit afterwards. Testing afterwards, there doesn’t appear to be any noticeable loss of power while cutting, but my gut tells me this motor is probably done.
That being said, we’re looking into finding a replacement spindle, either another wood-router motor or better yet, taking this opportunity to upgrade to a proper spindle with VFD. Looking for some recommendations of brands/models of CNC spindle motors that are trusted within the community for common FRC applications.

TLDR; Burned out the wood-router motor on our CNC, looking for better replacement.

Edit: Budget is preferably $100-$500.


‘cause, like, you can get an Omio spindle and VFD for $350

We put a FM30C spindle on our Laguna Swift 4x4. Great spindle, would highly recommend if you have the budget (~$4k) and the time

Preferably <$500
What spindle does Omio use?

“Name-brand generic” 1.5 or 2.2kw Huanyang VFD and spindle, water cooled.

That $350 number is AliExpress, but there a few decent US sellers on eBay around $400. I’m currently nyooming a 1.5kw on my router.

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I remember reading about some of these Chinese spindles with “German” bearings. Apparently “German” was the name of the little town in China where the bearing factory was.


I would recommend one like this

2.2kw 220v Water Cooled Er20 CNC Spindle Motor+ 2.2kw 220v Vfd Variable Frequency Drive+ 80mm Clamp+ Water Pump Set

To get it working with Mach 3 you will need to get a RS 485 to USB serial adapter like this one

Waveshare USB to RS232 / RS485 / TTL Industrial Isolated Converter with Original FT232RL Embedded Protection Circuits and Aluminium Alloy Enclosure for Industrial Control Equipments

Throw away the pump that comes in this kit and go down to Home Depot and get a [small pond pump]