Recommendations for new joysticks

We are looking for new Joy Sticks for our driver’s station.

We use tank drive with one joystick dedicated to each side of the drive train and also have a few “Driver” dedicated buttons programed based on the game.

Our “Operator” controls everything else via the custom operator station.

My drivers REALLY like using joysticks and the prefered one is the logitech attack 3.

It seems as all the USB joysticks are right handed only these days. We do not want to use a gaming pad.

Can anyone point us to a joystick that is comparable the attack 3, that is currently in production, and that is not hand specific?

These joysticks work really well and can be used by either hand.

Wait, you mean not everyone keeps a stockpile of CH flightsticks? :smiley:

Those are not ambidextrous.

They are, you just have to get them old enough.

Before they were right-hand-only, they were ambidextrous, and teams got two of them in the KOP. Each had two buttons: trigger and top. Even when the right-hand sticks came out, teams would often use one right-hand and one ambidextrous for their tank drives.

Additionally, their product page lists an ambidextrous version: Flightstick Pro CH Products. It looks like they sell a modernized ambidextrous version with USB as well.

Thanks! Amazon has them.

Here is another option if you are still looking. We bought two of them last year to use for tank drive and didn’t have any issues with them. They are ambidextrious, that thumb rest can be moved to the other side if needed.

I wonder which employee decided that the acronym for Hall Effect Accurate Technology was H.E.A.R.T. and not H.E.A.T.

both triggers died on the two we used this season. I am rather disappointed in them. Saitek used to make great controllers for lefties.

We have been using the Logitech Extreme 3D joysticks, they seem to be somewhat of a successor to the Attack 3s.

We mostly like them because BestBuy sells them :smiley:

I am shocked there are no joysticks on the FIRSTChoice list this year. Perhaps they’ll appear in Round 2?
(yes I saw the Xbox 360 controller. It doesn’t count.)

We bought some of those two years ago from AndyMark or FIRST Choice, sadly they are designed for the right hand only.

I drove left handed with an Extreme 3D for three years, and I never had a problem with it. The lower button placement isn’t that great, but I usually only used the buttons on the top of the stick so it worked out fine. Obviously, YMMV.

I’m glad that worked for you.

However, I’m trying set my students up with the best option. Getting the right joystick for the task, is really low hanging fruit with all of the problems we need to solve in FRC.

Thinking back on this season I remember that the deadzone of the Extreme 3D starting becoming noticeable after 2ish competitions… At our third competition we were adjusting our software scaling and continued to do so throughout the season. We purchased them at the beginning of the season.

I’m not familiar with other joysticks, but if anyone could speak to the robustness of different models that would be great.