Recommendations for Rivet tools

So my team recently decided to try using steel pop rivets for some projects, and have been debating whether or not to get a new rivet tool. We found this drill attachment from Rivedrill and were wondering if anybody has had experience with or would like to comment on it or other riveting tools.

The model is the RT110


This seems incredibly useful. I would be very interested in seeing if anybody has tried this.

We have been using hand rivet guns for years.

This is my go to toolfor 3/16" and under rivets.

We us this one for larger rivets and for people on the team with smaller hands.

We finally bought a pneumatic one this year but most rivets will still go in by hand probably.

Steel rivets or aluminum rivets with steel mandrels?

I definitely recommend not using steel body rivets for robots, drilling them out is a massive pain compared to aluminum.

Agreed here–unless you have a known reason for using steel, go aluminum (with either aluminum or steel mandrels).

Garnet Squadron’s always used cheap Harbor Freight or hardware store riveters and considered them consumables–they seem to last about 0.8 build seasons before crapping out, whether we spend $5 or $20. Allen’s recommended riveters are getting bookmarked for future evaluation, though.