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The reccomending posts section at the bottom of the page shows really old posts, presumedly based on posts I contributed to, and haven’t read replies on. Is there any way to change it to something more relevant, such as latest, or most popular in last 24 hours?

EDIT: uploaded file to show my recents section


I think it will get better once there are more posts that weren’t added by the import script.


I’m hoping for this too … but if it becomes a problem, we can look into modifying how that list is generated.


I clicked on the hamburger menu at the top, selected “unread”, and then “dismiss all” (or something similar to that). Once I did that i started getting much more current and relevant recommended posts.


I’ve already noticed a difference in some of my posts on the new forum today floating to the top of the Top Replies and Top Links section of my profile page (versus some of the 14 year old posts from when I was a newbie freshman that initially displayed :see_no_evil:).

My current Suggested Topics list is currently filled with some of the more popular threads I’ve created over the years (including the Einstein 2012 investigation report…). I suspect, like the other profile fields, these will change as new metrics are created and incremented from using/browsing the forums over time.


yeah, that works…thanks!


Something I’ve noticed is that every post I’ve seen there was made by me, and the threads are often from several years ago. I’m sure it’ll be different when the new software has been up for more time though.


I am sort of enjoying these recommended posts since it is reminding me of stuff I did over 15 years ago on here.


Same here. Now it shows much more relevant info.


How often are we going to need to do this? If I open a thread for 118’s reveal video to watch it but don’t keep up with it because the conversation trails off to talk about NASA sponsorship and their build space, will that thread keep being recommended?