Recommended way to run multiple WPILibrary versions?

We’d like to be able to run last year’s robot code, but when we tried, a few of the library functions we were using are different, not to mention that the RoboRio on that robot has not been flashed with the new software.

We’re under the understanding that the only way to use the robot with the old firmware is to use the old library. We’re rather not flash that robot and have to update the code to the new library version if possible, but of course we also have to develop for this year.

Is there a recommended way to have more than one version of the library installed on the same computer, or is this just asking for trouble and we have no choice but to have a second laptop with the other version installed?


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You can install multiple years of WPILib on the same computer simultaneously; they are installed to separate locations (C:\Users\Public\wpilib\YEAR) and will not interfere with each other. You’ll have multiple VS Code shortcuts on the desktop, one for each year.


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