reconized by city

Has any team been in their local paper? Probably. Has anyone been recognized by their city at town hall. My team got a letter from our city saying that they would like to invite us to a banquet to honor us. I think that is pretty cool. But tell me if this is regular for* FIRST* since I am a rookie

I know that team 11 was invited to a town council meeting back in 2002, right after we got back from The Championships. We did a demonstration and took pictures for the paper. I don’t know about other teams but that’s our story.

Lets See,

Team 25 was on Good Morning America
we also did demonstrations and attended meetings for the Township Board of Education, as well as the NJ state Department of Education,
We have had a meeting with our (at the time) Govenor, Christy Todd Whitman
and aswell as a few other teams, Team 25 has had the honor of being entered into Congressional Records Link: ( )

State Recognitions for Team 365 include:
Miracle Workers Day (3/6/05) in Delaware
Delaware Governor’s Award for Volunteerism
Citations from the Congresses of Delaware and Pennsylvania (after winning Nationals 2001)

One nice thing about a small state like Delaware is the relationship you develop with politicians at community events. We see Governor Ruth Ann Minner basically every year. Governor Minner and US Senator Joseph Biden even drove our robot lil’ MOE. Also, we were on Good Morning America after winning Nationals.

For Team 812, the San Diego Country Board of Supervisors are recognizing May 21st as San Diego FIRST robotics day. This happens to be the day we hold our scrimmage. This will be the secons annual San Diego FIRST robotics day.

Team 116 had a series of article about the team in the local paper, and received a letter of commendation from the Mayor of Herndon after our return from the Chesapeake Regional.

For all the teams that do have storie about them in the paper, hang on to the articles. Every now and then, FIRST asks for copies of them to track the media coverage that teams receive.


Team 836 has been invited to some sort of Board of Education meeting and we were given an award for the spread of engineering and technology. And a few of our sponsors were there. And in return we are inviting most of the Board of Education to our awards ceremony and giving them an award, and update them on our most successful year and most complex robot in our 4 years of competition.

862 has had several articles if the local papers at least one a year during build since 2003. Also our school district recognized us buy putting an article about us on the main web page for the district, that was pretty cool even thou they got some of the facts wrong. Also the principles at the Park have requested us to do robot demonstrations during lunch. That is one of our projects over the summer, to increase public awareness about our team and FIRST.

Team 79 has been in the newspaper multiple times. (search captain krunch or team 79 at Also, as everyone probably knows we will be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition coming may 1st and 2nd. And we just found out that PC Magazine and Extreme Tech Magazine wants to do some interviews with us. So, our team is so excited to get FIRST out there on a local level and a national level!!!

The mayor of Rolling Meadows has declared a Tie-Dye day in honor of WildStang’s (team 111) achievements. We have also been in various newspapers.

Team 1006 has had numerous newpaper articles published. One of our sponsors is our town council. They have agreed to advertise anything we need. We also have done numerous presentations for our local school board and we have had our Member of Parliament visit our school and provided us each with plaques honouring our achievements.

we have had interviews on all of the radio stations -1, been on CTV, SHAW, and LTV news stations, been on and a couple others… and we did a spot for the science forum at the armories in ssm ontario… . its been crzy… at first we had to practically BEG them for media interviews… now that we won a couple awards…they cant get enuf!

… is that normal for rookie teams ? .

whoa! team 79! that is awsome PC MAGAZINE! . . and . … extreme house makever… . hows that??? … your team builds jthe robot in a house?

Team 648 has had multiple appearances in all of the local newspapers and on all the local tv stations. Just yesterday, 4/18, we did interviews with KWQC TV6. The segment will be aired Thursday for the “Made in the QCA” segment. Usually 5 minutes long. Last year just before ship we were on Paula Sands Live, a Martha Stewart for the Quad Cities. It was live and was great team/FIRST exposure. A week or two ago we were in the Moline Dispatch.

But to the effect of city recognition, I doubt it. The people in those positions here must not be too interested. OR we are doing something wrong.

We’ve appeared in the local paper a bunch of times and recently, we were represented by the town’s Chamber of Commerce. We plan to take part in a couple of the towns’ “days” and take our robot “on tour.”

Wow. I’m just astounded by some stuff in this thread. But our team is still young.

The X-Cats went to the White House in '92 (I’ve seen pictures. Supposedly there’s one of Dean in a suit that somehow dissappeared) .

Just yesterday, several members of Team 1648, myself included, went to the Atlanta City Hall to recieve an Honorary Proclamation of Achievment from the Atlanta City Council. Nice plaque…

Funny how that picture disappeared!!! I have an update on my post earlier. ABC and St. Petersburg Times want to come and see us next wednesday at our school for some more interviews and then they want to come see us watch Extreme Makeover that sunday and get a live feed of us watching and put another article out of us and our participation in the project.

We got recognized at city hall a few week back at a school board meeting. Also team 1236 which is Galileo was there so we were pretty much recognized together. It’s our rookie year and I think its their third year. I’m not sure.

Funny you say that. Last year, when the Mars Exploration Rovers landed a bunch of us from the robotics team were sitting around watching the NASA channel and a news station sent a few people out to watch us watch the NASA channel and interview us about Dave. Not exactly FIRST related, but about a great engineer and the project he was involved with.

We have been invited to: our board of education, our township board meeting, to the governors office, to the Automation Alley Awards banquet. We have appeared on our local ABC TV station for the last three years. In 04 when we were on the winning alliance and helped build the “one day wonder robot” we were on TecTV and on CNN Live. For our Chairmans Award we pasted all of the newspaper articles that have been written about our team on a roll 18 inches wide, it ended up being over 20 feet long. The judges loved it as we tried to unroll it to show them and it would not fit in the room.