Record-Breaking Match at 2014 Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District

Here’s a lesser-known record that was broken this year:

Qualification Match 29 at the 2014 Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District marked the first time ever (as far as I know. If not, at least in recent history. Either the Game Announcer or Emcee did say ‘ever,’ though.) that 3 FRC teams from Delaware played on the same field at the same time. FRC Team 1370, Thermogenesis, from Middletown, Delaware, was partnered with Rookie FRC Team 5080, Robot Alchemy Manipulators, from Wilmington, Delaware, on the red alliance, against FRC Team 365, M.O.E., also from Wilmington, Delaware, on the blue alliance. A video of the match can be found here:

The population of *FIRST *Robotics Competition teams in the First State actually doubled this year, going from just 2 teams up to 4. Teams 4954 (who didn’t compete at Bridgewater-Raritan this year, but did have some team members visiting) and 1370 are both from Middletown, while Teams 365 and 5080 are both from Wilmington.

Both 365 and 4954 will be competing at the MAR District Championships this weekend, with 365 eligible for Engineering Inspiration after winning it at the Springside-Chestnut Hill District, and 4954 being eligible for Rookie All-Star after winning it at the Clifton District.

Best of luck to all of the Delaware teams for the rest of this season and the future, and I hope to see some more FRC growth in the state in the years to come! :smiley:

Yes, it was the first time ever. There have never been more than 2 Delaware FRC teams prior to this year.

Of course, I tried to get John Larock (of 365) to use his pull with MAR and FIRST to get it to be the first time ever that 3 Delaware teams were on the same alliance, but he said that he had spent all his influence this year getting the newest eye-blinding shirts allowed. :yikes: