Record Video in LabVIEW?

So, seeing as ship date has passed, but there lies ahead the eight-hour working window (for those of us in MI, at least), I was wondering if it would be possible to record the video stream coming from the AXIS camera either locally onto the cRIO or remotely onto a laptop, such that we can play it back to our code and test that vision-processing algorithms are working correctly. I have searched about here and on the NI forums, to no avail. Anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how I might go about doing it? Thanks much!

The image palette has VIs for saving an image to disk. This will be somewhat CPU expensive since it will need to recompress the jpg, but it will work. The faster way would be to store the jpg strings being returned from the camera. It would take modifications to WPI for that.

I’d recommend starting with the occasional image triggered by either mode changes, or by something on the joystick. Put the images into numbered files or something simple.

Greg McKaskle.

I think it would serve my purpose well enough to store numbered images. I will look into that–thanks much!