Recording Live Streams?

I’ll be going to Bayou in a weeks time and, once again, will be recording all of our matches (I’d love to be one of those powerhouses that records every match, but we don’t have the resources yet). Something I found when editing our match footage from Arkansas was this livestream capture courtesy of PcBob444: Arkansas QF 4-1

I found the live match scoring from the field to be really useful, so I spliced it into the our video of the same match (I hope I don’t get any flack for that what with this WFN reposting controversy). Anyway, I’d love to have livestream footage from Bayou as another visual resource for our matches I’m compiling, but I really don’t know what’s the best way to go about this. Does anyone have any experience in recording livestreams? I’d need something reliable that I could leave recording all day without any human interference or taking up all of a hard drive. I could do it on Mac or Windows (though preferably Windows) (also my computers aren’t too fancy, both running Core 2 Duos from 2009). Or is there some way I can get that footage from people at the event? Or would someone else be recording and be willing to share?

Bayou is Week 6, so I’d like to test this out on this Week’s regionals. Thanks in advance

I’ve done it with Windows Media Encoder and a PCI capture card on a Pentium 4 with a gig of RAM on XP. Very old school. Seems to work fine. I leave it unattended all day.