Recording the Kickoff

I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about the kickoff but we’d like to get our ducks in a row. We’d like to be able to record the kickoff live from NASA-TV’s internet stream so that members that don’t want to get up for the 7:00am live broadcast (we’re on the west coast) can watch it later. What techniques have folks used for this? We’d don’t have a sat receiver at our school.

We do have extra Tivos around so one option is to use a computer with S-video out and record it on that. Another is to use a Roku streaming receiver and, again, record it on a Tivo.

Are there any programs for PCs that would accomplish the same thing…tune in at a particular time to the NASA-TV internet stream and save it?

I believe quicktime will do what you want. The kickoff is also broadcasted over NASA TV so you can record it with a DVR (or TIVO) that is connected to a TV and you probably will get a better picture.

I am not sure how long it takes for the video to be posted online.

Edit: Stupid me. I know VLC will do it.

Go to View >> Advanced controls. Open the webcast (Meda>>Advanced Open>>File>>network). Press the record button to start and stop the recording, the file will be saved to your documents.

I forgot to mention that our local cable network doesn’t provide NASA-TV or, you’re right, we’d just record that.

I don’t know of a way to record a stream with Quicktime. My free version, at least, doesn’t have that ability. Has anyone tried this?

Don’t know about making the timing and connection automatic, but there are plenty of free streaming video recorders ( and also free screen recorders (try tucows.) Just need to start them. If you are depending on it, you proably want to manually monitor it anyway in case you have any connection/restart trouble. The broadcast will be posted on NASA but perhaps not as quickly as you want it.

Id recommend using VLC, I used it to record Einstein for this year. It works great.

VLC is all you really need. Follow instructions posted above.

They usually post the video within a few hours.

Would that be on the NASA site or the FIRST site ?

If you have a link to the 2010 kickoff could you please post it. Thank you.


Typically it’s on the NASA site and linked from the FIRST site.

Here is the NASA link. They are not offering the kickoff for some reason.

I’m sure the NASA site will be updated to include the kickoff link when we get closer to the date. It’s October!

What I meant was they are not offering the 2010 kick-off for download.

Gotcha. Probably too big to keep around, and little use for it after the season.

Another option is using windows media center on Windows 7. I have not personally used it, but I have heard it works quite well/