Recreation Nation

Has anyone considered contacting someone involved with this show about FIRST?

Believe you mean Wreckreation Nation. And yes, I’ve thought about it.

i only see one problem, we don’t consciously try to destroy other robots…

also, i don’t think many teams would be willing to give Dave Mordal control of their robots for one match (and i don;t think FIRST would either)

plus, he’s into competition, we’re into Coopetition…

just my $.02…


You’re right, it’s a terrible idea. Let’s let elitism rule out possibly huge exposure for FIRST.

i never said it was a bad IDEA, i just pointed out a coupple issues!

personally, i think it would be cool to see FIRST on the show, but at the same time, impractical.

if it seemed like i was blankly shooting down an idea, that’s not what i meant.

all i was doing was sharing an opinion!


The show isn’t all about him breaking things, I saw one on canoe ballet, quite the opposite of a killer robot match

the thought has crossed my mind a couple of time, never done anything about it though.

I saw the show last night. He needs to participate and being an adult coach just wouldn’t play well on tv. Now, if first and teams would let him drive that would be a whole different story. I want dolphin boat.

I think we could bring him to an off season event, like IRI

I considered emailing a request that the show cover FIRST Robotics, and was happy to see the suggestion already posted on the show’s forum site by other* FIRST* participants.
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I’ve honestly never heard of this show. Sounds like it could be fun. I miss my TV, right now I’m stuck at college with just internet.

Maybe stick him in a practice match??? or give him 6 weeks to build and design a robot to compete with:D

…I already did…