Recruitment Posters: A New Semester is Coming

Does your team use recruitment flyers and posters? How successful do you find them to be in helping you bring in new members? I’ve seen the different ideas FIRST posts about posters and in the past I’ve created or another mentor on our team has created a poster for getting the word about about our team’s meetings. How does your team do this?

If you are willing, please share links of the posters/flyers your team uses.

Our main recruitment posters are poster boards with the words:

on it.
That’s for our main recruiting event, the school freshman orientation.


1293 took a new tack this year:

500 of these have been making their way through schedule pickup days at three of the four high schools (the fourth doesn’t allow clubs at schedule pickup; I would lay into them but it’s just not worth it on CD). Only thing I wish we’d remembered on that was an email for our head coach.

Early signs are promising, but someone @reply me after the 22nd for the final verdict. :slight_smile:

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There are three important parts of recruiting, whether you’re trying to grow your robotics team, sports team, French club, branch of the military, or church:

  1. Get the word out to people that you are recruiting, and what for. By itself, this will only interest the people who already want to do robotics.
  2. Getting people interested who don’t know they want to do the thing you’re doing.
  3. Let people know where to be and when to be there to join. This is a neccessary thing, but nowhere near a sufficient one. The idea here is that anyone you hooked with #1 and/or #2 shouldn’t miss out because they didn’t know where to go.

Posters are great for #1 and #3, especially if you can get them in locations visible to most or all of your target audience, and they have enough pop/eye candy/bright colors/provocative wording to get a few seconds of people’s attention. They’re not so great at #2 - this just about has to be a person-to-person pitch, because people who don’t think they’re interested in robotics aren’t going to read a poster with your robotics manifesto. So yes, do posters! If you’re hoping to recruit more than a small handful of people, posters are just the beginning.

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A bit of an odd-ball idea, but for the last three years we’ve put our posters at eye-level inside of the bathroom stalls and right by the mirrors where they wash their hands in the school.

Our recruitment turn out is great every year and I love to credit this idea!

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While I don’t have it on hand, I highly suggest targeted posters. Make a template for a recruitment poster with some basic information about the team, then in big, bold letters at the top of the page, put the following headers:

In the Art hallway: Computer Graphics and Designers Needed!
In the Business hallway: Future Business Professionals Needed!
In the English hallways: If you love English, We want You!
etc. etc. etc.

You get the idea. Also, @magiTECH ideas is a really solid one as well.


The feedback I’ve heard from the kids is that if we just hang flyers they get ignored. Also, announcements on the school intercom get ignored (we aren’t the only group with this problem – there are frequently a lot of announcements, apparently).

FOOD is the answer. We’ve had people show up for free food after school and stay the next 3-4 years (this is also the answer to getting volunteers to come back to your FLL tournaments and such, BTW).

That being said, we do have a flyer (which I don’t have on hand) but it basically is a copy of the information on this web page with some graphics around it.

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I made a fairly generic poster in Canva Recruitment Poster. I don’t think any detail applies specifically to our team other than the date of the information meeting. I’m really not optimistic you get students from posters, mostly we get them by asking them either during recruitment days (typically freshmen day, but we are doing two more lunch periods this time), or asking through the recruitment letters (based on recommendations).

So, I should join and become the person that gets whited-out in next year’s recruitment poster? Basically the Mike Wazowski on the robotics team. :crazy_face:

If you attend a District Five high school, or if you’re at least a year removed from high school, yes attend our open house.

(I should note that the person whited out is a college student mentor. I wasn’t going to go blotting out a kid!)