Recruitment Video

Now that the season has wound down at Championships are over (congrats to all the winners!) I want to take on the personal project of making a team recruitment video for my team. I will be working during most of the offseason at getting interviews with students that are on the team and students who have graduated, but I also want to include some nice stock video. Does anyone have a good source of downloadable video that I could use? Obviously credit will be given wherever it is used. I’d like it to be relatively high quality, not like grabbing videos off of YouTube. Any ideas?

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As the video creater on my team, I would strongly suggest using video of your own robot in action. I did this and not only does the recruitment video show off the capabilitys of ur robot, but you can show this video to potential sponsors or at events

I plan to use videos of our robot in the video, but I also want some high quality stock videos to include. My team isn’t quite to the point where we are performing at a very high level, so our videos aren’t very exciting. I want some good exciting videos of robots performing at a high level.

Thanks in advance for the help!

In That case I would first suggest going to a off season competition and doing lots of filming and photography there. Plus don’t forget to film team spirit during a off season competition. In some of our past videos we have students going in front of a whole crowd and singing to the songs playing while dancing and just having a good time. Not only is it funny to watch, it shows how fun FIRST is.

If you want to find some high quality video of great matches look for something from championships. Alot of teams film the matches and put them on there website or YouTube.