Recurring KoP Items

Background: Our team is going into our second season and I am trying to work out which items we should focus on purchasing. Part of that is predicting which items will already be included in the Kit of Parts (non-rookie). I am most interested in batteries, motors, motor controllers, and drive base electronics.

Question: Which items or types of items are found in the Kit of Parts every season?

If you look at AndyMark these two bundles are generally what you receive in the KoP (am-4101 and the am-4102) I believe they do sell them at the FIRST store online

For a rookie KOP I would agree these kits are close, but OP is asking about the veteran KOP. Control system components (especially the Rio) are not things that are regularly included in the veteran kits.

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They are heavily inspired by the KoP, but they are not an exact copy of any past KoP. (Wouldn’t mind more of some of those parts, though.)

With the exception of a few supplier opportunities, FIRST only releases the KoP to teams.

The good news is that you can look at the 2019 checklist for good guesses.

Everyone got the black tote and the Separate Items.
Rookies got the Gray Tote as well.
If you didn’t opt out (which only veterans could do), you got the Drive Base Kit.

Here’s the 2018 veteran tote checklist, for comparison. And here’s 2017’s.

Short version? Probably safe to expect two motor controllers, one battery, a couple CIMs and other motors, and no additional control system components like the roboRIO, PDP, VRM, or PCM. For those, you’d either need to buy extras or taxidermy your 2019 robot.

(Aside: seriously, taxidermy it rather than ripping it apart. It’s still great for displays, and if they ask why it doesn’t run now you can launch into your sponsorship pitch.)


I might be stealing those files

Thank you so much! I will be looking for all the old KoP checklists and compiling a list of most likely KoP items based on that. I will post it here when I am done. It should help my team and it may help others.

If anyone has saved copies of old inventory lists, please feel free to drop links here.

How far back do you want to go?

— RoboRIO based control system
— RIO based control system


We’ve also gotten a radio in the veteran KoP for a number of years now. Probably safe to expect that as well.

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RSL and Main Breaker are usually in there too.

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I also remember seeing in another thread that a new compressor will be included in the KoP this year.

EDIT: This is a COTS compressor, as pointed out by @GeeTwo below. It is not in KoP.

The only thing I can find about a new compressor for this year is at the link below. It is to be a COTS compressor, but not a KoP compressor.

Thanks for the correction! I misread the original post in that thread.

Just finished my forecast sheet:

Anyone know if there were motor controllers in the 2016 KoP?

2016 motor controllers were provided through a voucher rather than directly in a KOP tote.
CTRE gave us the choice between receiving 2 Talon SRXes or 3 Victor SPs.

“CTR Electronics ( First International ( Voucher, 2 Talon SRXes or 3 Victor SPs: Voucher code is
available in TIMS and redeemable here ( Shipping not included. Expiration Date: 4/30/16.”

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