Recycle bin score

Will the green recycle bins be scored if they are placed above level 6?

As I take it level 6 has no upper limit as signified by the arrow on Figure 3-4. This seems to be a question for the Q&A.

Assuming level 6 ends at the top of the backstop, my reading is no, since no part of the recycling bin would be in level 6. However, I can’t find anything that indicates where level 6 ends, so perhaps level 6 extends indefinitely upwards.

Edit: I think rtfgnow is correct, and that level 6 extends indefinitely upwards.

What I meant is if you have 6 gray bins stacked and one green recycle on top of that will you receive points for that green recycle bin?

As I imagine it* the top of the sixth tote and the bottom of the container would be in level six but below the top of the backstop. I do not believe anyone at this time would disagree that it is a level 6 (24 point) score.

*I have no totes or backstops in my apartment (yet), so I cannot say this with any certainty.

You should. The bottom of the bin is in Level 6.

To be scored, green recycling containers need to be on SCORED gray bins, which must be under the backstop thing.

per - the maximum height of the totes are 6. So, you can’t put a container above level 6 (height measured from the bottom of the container).

There is no maximum height for the recycling container.

I do not see where in that sections it states the maximum height is 6. I also don’t know what units you are using on 6.

To be scored, the gray tote must not be above (even partially) the back stop, which has a height of 6’6".

To be scored, the container must be supported by scored gray totes. This means the container must be on a gray tote that is no more than 6’6" off the ground.

The max is 6 because the dimension for height the manual gives is 12.1 inches (Section 2.3.1). Math tells us then that the maximum grey totes you can stack is 6 and still legally stack the recycling container.

How does math tell us that the maximum height is 6? The maximum robot height is about 6 containers; however, there is no rule that you can’t carry totes past a height of 6. Is it wise to do so? That’s your call.

Edit additions:

There’s no reason to stack past 6 totes, but there is no restriction saying you can’t do it.

Anything above level 6 will have the same points as if they were at level 6

Levels have no bearing.

Any tote that is sticking above the 6’6" top of the Backstop will be worth zero points., first paragraph.

Since under, totes can’t be higher than the backstop, the bottom of the bin cannot possibly be above level 6. However, it would only be logical to mark a level 6 if and only if the bin can be scored at that level (since levels only apply to the bin), but this requires the top of the bin to be above the top of the backstop. So therefore, we should be able to legally stack 5 totes and a bin, but I would Q/A it to be completely sure.

false you can always stack from the bottom by just picking up the totes and kicking the totes under, but yes it is useless to proceed six totes

For the TOTE scoring, you are correct, for the RECYCLING CONTAINER scoring you are not.

Note that level is different from score.
TOTE scoring stops at the backstop height, but level is not explicitly capped.

I expect this to be changed in the 1st update.

The question is since a 7th tote is not a “scored tote” - is the container on top of it fully supported only by scored totes? (The condition for the container to be scored.) I don’t believe it is, but I don’t make that decision - Q&A does.

By definition, emphasis mine,


From there, it seems to be clear that only the 6 levels defined by the Backstop are the only 6 levels that can be achieved. Thus, a “full stack” is simply 6 totes, 1 recycling container, and a piece of litter, for a grand total of 42 points.

Minor nitpick: You will, in future, notice that I made NO MENTION of ANY Recycling Container, scored or otherwise.

What I was responding to was a post saying “anything above a Level 6 will have the same points as a Level 6”. This is patently false for Totes AND Containers, because Totes aren’t scored by Level (and any Tote above a Level 6 is either 0 or -6 points depending how it gets up there–reference for the former case, and G22 for the latter). Containers have nothing above Level 6, because Level 6 just extends upwards to infinity if that drawing is correct, so it is impossible for them to get up above Level 6.