**Attention all teams attending the New Jersey Regional!!!
Team 1403 will be collecting any old game pieces from any of the previous FIRST games at the NJ regional. We are looking specifically for the 2004 5-point balls(deflated if possible), the 2004 2X multipliers(deflated if possible) and the 2006 poof balls. We are planning to collect whatever we can get our hands on and we are going to present the game pieces to local schools in Trenton that cannot afford playground equipment for the kids.

A while ago, we heard about how teachers in the Trenton Public Elementary Schools are given as little as $200 to spend on supplies for their classes for an entire school year. They cannot afford any playground equipment, so we offered to give one of the schools a few of our 2004 5-point balls. The kids and teachers were thrilled. A simple act for us turned out to mean the world for the kids who received the balls. We ask that everyone looks through their closests for pieces you may not be using any more and bring them to the NJ Regional. Team 1403 will be there to collect them and we will pass them off to the schools. Trenton was gracious enough to host us for the NJ Regional, lets show them our GP and repay them for the favor.

Attention All FIRST’ers:

This idea sparked a lot of thought on our team. We asked ourselves, why stop at the NJ Regional? There are plenty of schools around the Nation that could also use the equipment. It may be too late, but we will ask anyways. If there other teams attending other regionals that are interested, we ask that you try to set up the same effort. It is important to realize that FIRST is only possible through the generosity of a lot of good people and companies who want to help. We are on the receiving end of the generosity and we know the kinds of joy it brings us. This is exactly why we should do what we can for the kids. It is our turn to be on the giving end because we know the kinds of joy and excitement these game pieces can bring and we should try to pass that same excitement on to the people who need it the most.

Thank you and I wish everyone good luck at the regionals!

Wow that monetary limit honestly sucks.

I have some extra game pieces from FIRST games gone by in my attic I believe.
I’ll try and remember to grab them and bring at least a 5 pt 2004 ball for the cause. (I know I have one of them to spare.) <checks attic - cause memory stinks. lol>

edit: I told you my memory sucks. I have a ball, but not a 5, rather a special limited edition TEN point ball from 2004 I’ll donate to your cause after I make sure the reason it’s semi-deflated is cause of the temperature up in the attic.
<brrrrrr… lol >

If it’s good to go, then it’ll be good to go for the cause.
I’ll check our team’s closet as well, and see if we have any extra items like this.

Great idea Cougars!