Recycle Rush Creo Models - coming soon!

I got a note from PTCFIRST - The fields of parts will be uploaded today, the KOP in the next couple of days. :smiley:

Yes! Sorry about the delays. AM AM14U2 Long chassis is complete. Will post all three when the wide and square are done in the next couple of days. If you need individual piece-parts, you can use last yearโ€™s KOP. I like to make sure the AM14U2 is a clean and mechanized assembly before releasing.

If you need it immediately, you can download the STEP file from AM until the final PTC assemblies are complete and released.

The field is online!!!

The AndyMark AM14U2 CAD models were just posted too!
Hoping to have the full KOP done by the end of the week.

Nice! Doing Ri3D, I tore apart the STEP file on the AM site and assembled it by hand. That was fun. Glad teams will have an easier route.