Recycle Rush Mobile Game

Team 1683, Techno Titans has created a game based off of Recycle Rush. The game is called Tote Stacker and the main objective is to stack gray & yellow totes along with recycle containers. The app is available on Google play and the IOS App Store.

I just thought I would let the users of chief delphi know about this game in case they have not heard about it.

Cute! I’ll be sure to add a review. It seems this year’s game has been much more easier to transcend to the mobile plane.

Man, you beat me to the punch. :smiley:
Thanks for posting about it. Some of the kids on our business team worked really hard on it and I’m sure they will be glad to know that you enjoy it.
I’m curious, how did you find out about the game?

We actually found out about it on twitter. Panteras originally posted about the app on their twitter and we thought we would post on cheif delphi for other users to see to let others know about the game.

Nice work! I will be playing this when waiting for our matches

Finally someone turned this years task into a game :stuck_out_tongue:

If the totes came out of a tote chute I would give it 5 stars…